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A short story of regret from our hottest chilli sauce- By Raymond

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A short story of regret from our hottest chilli sauce

Ok, so I put my hands up I love spicy food. Genuinely use hot sauce pretty much every single day, and never without a few bottles of Rock A Doodle Do’s finest in my spice cupboard. Yes, I genuinely have a cupboard in the kitchen specifically reserved for my hot sauces and spices.

Anyway, I’ve been more than just a little excited to try the latest incarnation from the dark and twisted mind of the chilli alchemist himself Captain Dave, the brains behind Rock A Doodle Do. So when I find out he’s created a sauce called ‘Violent Intentions’ my immediate thought was “I need this in my life”.

Hottest Chilli Sauce - Carolina Reaper Violent Intentions
Hottest Chilli Sauce - Carolina Reaper Violent Intentions

The Arrival

I got the delivery today, and I’ve even got to the stage where I recognise what it is by the box it’s in, and proudly tell my post lady exactly the same. Sad? Maybe a little… Anyway, after the initial ‘drop on the finger tip’ taste technique - and the instant burn.

Did I mention this is 75% Carolina Reaper??

Violent Intentions 75% Carolina Reaper XXXHot Sauce
Violent Intentions 75% Carolina Reaper XXXHot Sauce

I decided the best option was to make a burger - when I say make a burger, I mean ‘make a burger’. So my favourite way to incorporate hot sauce into a burger is to fry off some onions, garlic and mushrooms, then mix equal amounts of mayo and hot sauce into the mix and use as a base for the burger. Simple right?

But Did I mention Violent Intentions is 75% Carolina Reaper

From the very first bite it was hot. Perhaps a tablespoon of Violent Intentions was a tad excessive for one burger. Actually, that’s where the ‘regret’ comes into the story - I am acutely aware I do own smaller spoons. But wow what a kick once the hiccups settled, the taste of lime and cumin (one of my favourite spices) in the background is subtle and superb. Even better with cutting through the grease of a burger.
It Burns!

Now I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be a hero. My spice tolerance is pretty high, but my stupidity levels are higher. Something in my brain doesn’t register the need for smaller quantities when ‘California Reaper’ is on the label. Was it hot - I had sweat dripping off the end of my nose… No word of a lie.
Normally with the hotter sauces I will sweat a little, but this was next level. More importantly; was it delicious - Hell Yeah . In fact, I’m already planning to do hot wings tomorrow being with the same mayo/sauce combo. My only advice, use sparingly.

Carolina Reaper Chilli
Carolina Reaper Chilli

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