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Carolina Reaper Gift Set - 3x Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce
Carolina Reaper 3 Pack - Disaster Button, Banshee BBQ, and Violent Intention

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Rock A Doodle Do - 4 Pack Wooden Chest
Rock A Doodle Do Hot Box - Contains 4 of our custom made, hot sauces

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-Fear The Reaper (Extreme)- Rock A Doodle Do
8 Carolina Reaper Chillies in every bottle


-Whiskey In The Bottle BBQ Sauce- Rock A Doodle Do
Extra Hot BBQ Sauce with Trinidad Scorpion (X Hot) 200ML


Rock A Doodle Do

Bbq Sauce

Rock A Doodle is proof that heat, flavour, and quality can go hand in hand when making an extra hot chilli sauce. Born in early 2015, our love of BBQs, music, and all things spicy lead us to create the initial trio of Rock A Doodle Do sauces made from Habaneros, Trinidad Scorpions, and the hottest chilli in the world, the Carolina Reaper.

Seven years and multiple awards later, we are still creating new flavours and experiences and although our range now extends to over 20 sauces, our passion for unique sauces and recipes remain the same.

Whether you like the relative mild kick of ‘Can I Play with Mangos’, or you are feeling brave enough to tackle our hottest sauce, the XXXHot Carolina Reaper infused ‘Fear the Reaper – Extreme’, you can feel safe in the knowledge that all of our products are created from fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are roasted and blended into a range of sauces that are guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds

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