Let it Snow

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Let it Snow

It’s kind of fitting with the season that is upon us that we think of snow and all things festive. Cue my latest delivery of #RockADoodleDo, and when I opened the parcel it snowed.

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce with Berries

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce with Berries

Ok, so when I say snow it was the polystyrene packaging spilling out – but for a brief moment it was the Hot Sauce equivalent snowing in my kitchen. So what’s in the box? Well, apart from the ‘snow’ fittingly there is Snow Patrol Hot Sauce – Don’t Give In, Can I Play With Mangos, Whiskey in The Bottle, and lastly Hidden Treasures – Reaper Berry.


I’ve had them all before and loved them all, hence the repeat order. But this batch had something a little bit special. The Hidden Treasures is a special variety called Reaper Berry. Ok, so kicking off with the important bit what give this the all important kick? Straight off the blocks we have Carolina Reaper weighing in at a heavyweight 25%, and if that’s not hot enough for you add into the mix some Habanero and Cayenne chillis too. This one is not for the faint hearted. It’s hot, but holy crap is it good.


There’s a zingy tang of lime and ginger which opens up the tastebuds for the sweetness of a berry hit. Imagine a smoothie that kicks ass, and you’re getting there. The berry combination of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and cranberry has an exquisite sweetness. It just works perfectly with the heat of the trio of chillis. It’s not unusual to use either salt or sugar (or both) to go with real heat, and that’s exactly why this works so well. But what sets this aside is how the natural sugars of the fruit really lifts the sensation in how the heat interacts with the fruit for a perfectly balanced hot sauce. I’m not saying this is a superfood, but it could be. And with all those berries I am definitely counting it as one of my ‘five a day’.

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Review by Raymond Montgomery

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