Free Give Away – Spice Loving Guinea Pigs Wanted

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As you may know, we’ll be moving in a new direction next week. Along with our range of hot sauces, we’ll also be supplying spices, powders, fresh chillies (when in season), dried pods and chilli flakes.

We’ve been making our own version of a certain Mr Sanders Zinging chicken products for quite some time, but as you probably can guess, they’ve never hot enough for us, so we’ve upped their ‘secret’ 11 herbs and spices to 15 (including Carolina Reaper) and we’d love feedback.

I’ve 10 bags of the newly christened Banshee Powder (it uses the same Cayenne and Carolina Reaper chillies as our Banshee Hot Sauce) to give away to people who we know/hope will give feedback!

Shoot us over a message (, comment or whatever it takes to show your interest and we’ll get a bag out to you.

(Priority will go to those who have given feedback in the past, when asked, as well as a few RADD sample newbies)

Banshee Isolated

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