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The Symphony

A Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce from Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol Hot Sauce - The Sympnony

‘The Symphony’ Apart from being the new kid on the block in the growing range of Snow Patrol Hot Sauce’s, ‘The Symphony’ is more than worthy of its place in the starting line up alongside the existing members; Chocolate, Disaster Button, Don’t Give In, If There’s A Rocket and the limited edition What If This Is All The Love…

For the uninitiated, these are a range of sauces created for the ‘Music For All’ charity in conjunction with Snow Patrol (in particular the bands resident chilli head Jonny Quinn).

So where to start? Ok the name is as good a place as any. ‘The Symphony’ conjures up an ensemble of flavours and it doesn’t disappoint. Straight away you get the first notes of citrus as this hits your tastebuds; and it is wonderfully sweet with it – imagine being somewhere hot and sunny and getting some freshly squeezed orange juice. This is where we are going here. But that’s not all, coming right off the back of the orange is pineapple, a sweet and sharp presence that almost cleanses the pallet ready for the incoming heat.

One of the best things about this sauce is that every mouthful brings that combination of sweet/zingy/heat. You don’t just get a burn on from the first bite and maintain it, you get to experience each level of flavour over and over again. How do we bring the heat in? It’s with the tried and tested favourite, the scotch bonnet. Averaging around 250,000 Scoville units, they are certainly going to give you all the kick you want, but a manageable heat which makes this so moreish. Actually moreish is exactly what this sauce is. It’s wonderful on seafood, and equally at home with duck or game. Shredded duck and pancakes have just found a new best friend. Refreshingly zingy, and tinglingly good. Its everything you’d expect to get from a Rock-A-Doodle-Do sauce and everything you’re gonna love about it.


Review by Raymond Montgomery

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