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Death Insaucia - Use It As A Weapon (Chipotle & Trinidad Scorpion Chilli BBQ Sauce) - Heat Rating 6/10



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Death Ingloria

Use It As A Weapon

Death Ingloria - XXHot BBQ
Death Ingloria - XXHot BBQ

Based on our multi-award winning recipe, 'Use it As A Weapon' is our latest BBQ sauce in collaboration with London/N.Ireland based rock band 'Death Ingloria'.

Originally creating a sauce to coincide with the band's newest album 'Death Ingloria II - Death by Admin', This XXHot BBQ sauce is currently taking on a life of it's own at tasting sessions across the UK & Ireland. We're even being told that this is our best sauce yet!

For this new recipe, we combined our award winning BBQ base sauce with a Belfast Brewed imperial ale that contained coffee, vanilla, and chipotle and added a few extra Trinidad Scorpion chillies to bring everything to life.

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Allergens include Beer (Barley) and Worcester Sauce (fish)

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