The Emotion of a Bottle Kill

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The Emotion of a Bottle Kill


There’s nothing sadder than a bottle kill – or is there. Ok so finishing off a bottle of one of your favourite sauces is tough to take. Almost like the adult equivalent of letting go of a balloon. It’s the knowing that momentarily you’ve just savoured the last delicious spicy drop. However, whilst a brief moment of mourning is allowed, the powers of modern technology means doing without is a thing of the past.

Not only do you get to buy one of your favourites, but why not stock up and try some of the other superb offerings. Everything from delicious smouldering BBQ to the insane hit of California reaper. It’s the finest selection of all things chilli this side of heaven. So, don’t feel sad it’s finished, feel happy you’ve more on the way 😉 R.I.P Don’t Give In (though you’re already re-ordered)

Snow Patrol Don't Give In

Snow Patrol Don’t Give In

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Review by Raymond Montgomery

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