Rock A Doodle Do – Limited Edition Amber Skull Hot Sauce

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Ghost Chilli Peach Lime Golden Pale Ale hot sauce in Skull shaped bottle - Belfast Northern Ireland (UK / Irish)

The Amber Skull Hot Sauce

At Rock A Doodle Do, we do love to experiment with ingredients! At times it feels like we’re in a lab of sorts, blending and mixing concoctions in an attempt to create a sauce that brings your meals to life!

From time to time, we will be releasing limited edition sauces that reflect the monstrous heat levels and flavour that our chilli loving customers want, which is why in December, we released one of our hottest and tastiest sauces yet. By combining the flavour of our Pooka sauce (With Real Pale Ale & Peaches), with the extra kick of the Carolina Reaper we created our Amber Skull Premium Hot Sauce.

So far, the reviews have gone above and beyond our expectations, with customers praising both the heat level and the depth of flavour of the sauce, and the quality of the skull packaging, with multiple comments stating that it is the best hot sauce they’ve ever tasted.

Amber Skull is currently available on eBay here: Amber Skull Hot Sauce

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