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Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Sauce Charity Day

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Carolina Reaper Wing Challenge For The Prince's Trust


At Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Sauce, we love to come up with new ideas for our sauces. Along with our other sauces, we love to experiment and create something new from time to time.

This week, we were approached by a company in Belfast with a request to create a sauce for a charity day, where competitors were being challenged to a wing eating competition. It was hard to say no to such a great cause, so we got working on an extreme version of our Banshee hot sauce, that was specifically designed for chicken wings.

Similar to our Reaper's Skull limited edition sauce, we packed as many Carolina Reapers into the small batch as possible (Approximately 50!) and combined them with fresh local produce and mango to sweeten the deal.

I tasted a sample earlier this afternoon and my lips were still numb an hour later. This challenge should be interesting to say the least!