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Review: Snow Patrol 'Chocolate' Hot Sauce

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This could be the very minute, I’m aware I’m alive... the opening lines to Snow Patrol’s 2009 classic ‘Chocolate’. And what better homage than that to describe the start the sensation this sauce has as it literally dances across the tastebuds.

Seriously though, the zest of citrus and underlying heat from the Chocolate habanero chilli is a wonderful combination. It’s a lighter offering than the rest of the ‘Snow Patrol Hot Sauce’ range, but with any range you need just that - a range of flavours and as with these sauces a range of heat too.

Snow Patrol Chocolate Hot Sauce
Snow Patrol Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce

Whilst this is the milder of the quartet, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a run of the mill fruity sauce. This is so much more - and then some. There’s heat, but it’s mild enough to be your go to everyday sauce. I’ve found myself using this on everything; and I do mean everything. It even gets a healthy dollop in whatever sandwich I make for lunch. This truly is the perfect go to sauce for any time you just can’t decide what to go for - or at least that’s where I find myself with it.

It will be the sauce you end up keeping on the side - no point in putting a good thing away. If you want to try something a little different, go for a drizzle of this over a Caesar salad. The Caesar dressing and this stuff works perfectly together for lifting up the flavours without taking up the intensity. Also highly recommend on grilled/bbq halloumi with roasted peppers in a fresh baguette.

Quite frankly this is highly recommended on pretty much anything.

Review by Raymond Montgomery
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