Hi, my name is Jonny Quinn, Drummer with Snow Patrol and proud Chilli-Head!

I’ve been a massive fan of hot sauce for many years and touring the world with the band has allowed me to try some of the finest & fiercest on the planet.

It’s made me a Chilli Connoisseur and a bit of an expert in all things spicy and now I want to share my passion for exciting tongue-tingling tastes with you.

Working in collaboration with flavour maestro Dave from Rock A Doodle Do, we’ve created a number of extraordinary chilli sauces named after Snow Patrol songs, using only the best natural ingredients for deep flavour notes, Snow Patrol chilli and BBQ sauces offer varying degrees of heat intensity, bring complex new taste baselines to all your favourite foods.

That’s the (very) hot news, now here’s the cool bit.

These sauces don’t just taste good – they do good.

Not only are they tantalising taste buds, but amazingly they’re also backing budding musicians.

All profit from sales goes to help fund ‘Music For Alll’. This charity provides life-changing opportunities for up-and-coming musicians by providing the instruments, grants and training they need to fulfil their full creative potential.

‘Music For All’ exists to increase access to music for people of all ages & backgrounds.

I passionately believe this is a worthy mission and sincerely thank you for your support.

Enjoy your Snow Patrol Hot Sauces!

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