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Totally Hot Caribbean Pickles by Carolyn Stewart


When Carolyn Stewart isn’t mixing it up in the studio, she can be found mixing it in the kitchen.

Her great passion is for full-on flavorsome food rocking the excitement of tangy Caribbean spice with crisp, garden-fresh fare.
For years her friends have been telling her that her mouthwatering mixes are a hit that should be shared with the wider public.
And now, for the first time, a hot new release from Carolyn’s kitchen makes its debut on the local market.


Hot Pickes on Crackers

Totally Hot Pickled Peppers on Crackers


Belfast Hot Sauce

Totally Hot Pickles – Perfect on a Home Made Burger


Rock A Doodle Do - Extra Hot Pickles (10)

Totally Hot Caribbean Pickles with Freshly Grilled Fish


Caribbean Pickles

Suitable for Vegetarians, Totally Hot Caribbean Pickles are perfect for spicing up any dish


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