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Be the first to taste the newest sauces, the tastiest chillies, and get your hands on some free Snow Patrol Merchandise while helping Music For All Charity with a recurring, 3 month membership to Snow Patrol Hot Sauce for only £15 every quarter, with free shipping included!

The Newest Sauces

The launch of our new subscription service will see a brand new sauce each quarter, beginning in December 2020 and will see each new sauce team up with one of our current line up, which will be delivered directly to your door.

Starting with our newest creation, The Symphony, initial reviews are claiming that this could be our best sauce yet. Designed by Jonny Quinn and using one of our favourite chillies, the Scotch Bonnet, we have added orange and pineapple to create a deliciously usable, medium hot chilli sauce that adds a zesty, fruity kick to any of your favourite meals!



Snow Patrol Hot Sauce - The Sympnony
Brand New - The Symphony
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The Merch

So what could be better than some award winning hot sauces delivered directly to your door? When that hot sauce comes with free Snow Patrol merchandise! Yes, for a limited time, we will be giving away free merch with every subscription. From Limited Edition books and Programmes, to T-Shirts and Hoodies, you can wear some ultra cool clothing, while munching on your extra hot food!


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*Free Merch will be allocated for a limited time and is one per customer.

** Value of merch increases with package chosen

*** If you cancel your subscription, resubscriptions will not include free merch