Pooka Ghost Sauce

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The Pooka (Or Púca), in Celtic mythology was a creature that was thought to either bring good or bad fortune to communities across Ireland. As a shapeshifter, the Pooka could take on the likeness of hares, rabbits, goats, and black horses with majestic, golden eyes.
According to legend “old people used to say that the Pookas were very numerous…long ago…, were wicked-minded, black-looking, bad things…that would come in the form of wild colts, with chains hanging about them”, and that did much to harm unwary travellers.” However, they also had a friendly side to them, helping those who went out of their way to help the Pooka!

Keightley 1880 – Fairy Mythology, p.371


With that in mind, we’re created one of the tastiest hot sauces in the market that combines the heat of the Bhut Jolokia ‘Ghost Chilli’ and the delicious fruity flavour of the Dorset Naga chilli, with a genuine Irish Golden Pale Ale, peach and maple syrup that has become our go to sauce for burritos and pizzas!



Pooka Hot Sauce is Available Here



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Ghost Chilli Peach Lime Golden Pale Ale hot sauce in Skull shaped bottle - Belfast Northern Ireland (UK / Irish)