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Our new extra Hot, Trinidad Scorpion BBQ is going down a Treat!

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"Whiskey In The Bottle BBQ Sauce - Rock A Doodle Do

Overall Score - 10/10
Heat - 8/10
Aroma - 10/10
Flavour - 10/10
Texture/consistency - 10/10
Bottle Art - 10/10
Great With - ANYTHING you like BBQ Sauce with.

Whiskey In The Bottle - Extra Hot Trinidad Scorpion & Irish Whiskey BBQ Sauce

OK, I'll headline it. Damn, this sauce is good! Possibly the best hot sauce I've tasted!

Let's start with the heat. 8/10.
This isn't a reflection of how “good” the heat is, it's more a scale of 0 being tomato ketchup and 10 being the kind of heat that will ruin your dinner.
This sauce hits a damn good 8. Hot but usable. It's not going to ruin the food you put it on but it is going going to spice it up perfectly. It's made using Trinidad Scorpion chillies which, if you never tried them, are super hot with a long, satisfying burn. The same can be said for the sauce, hot with a long burn. Perfection.

Aroma on this is inviting and mouth watering. I literally couldn't wait to taste it after opening the bottle and smelling it like it was a fine wine (I am that sad). Sweet and BBQy.
So very promising and the flavour that follows doesn't let you down!

Flavour is a wonderful sweet and BBQy taste. Not being a whiskey fan, I was worried with the addition of whiskey to the recipe but I needn't have been. Not sure what I was expecting, a strong, overpowering whiskey flavour maybe but no, it's balanced to perfection. Delicious.
Exactly what the hot sauce market was lacking, to this point. I would mix my own BBQ Sauce in the past, in a bid to fill this void but it never really hit the mark. This sauce totally hits the mark!

The consistency is bang on. Exactly what you'd expect from a BBQ Sauce. Not lumpy, not watery, not too thick so you have to do a ketchup on it and turn it upside down to bang the top. No, it pours perfectly and spreads evenly once poured.

With regards the bottle art, it's classy and all we've come to expect from Rock A Doodle Do. A black and gold/bronze label, with a wood grain image. No toilet or butt images here.
Great to see they've kept with the naming of the sauce using classic metal and rock songs too.

Great With - I think the question is what's it not good with!?
I used it on, eggs, pizza, sandwiches, steak, steak sandwich, chips, crisps dipped in it, toasties, straight up off a tea spoon, in fajitas, on chicken nuggets, chicken breasts, on damn near everything. I didn't find anything it wouldn't go with. It was particularly good used as a dipping sauce!
I wouldn't, and didn't, use it as means of simply adding spice to a meal. It's a BBQ sauce, it would have changed the flavour of the meal and that's what fresh chillies are for. I used it as I would a BBQ sauce.

I brought the bottle into work for everyone to try, to get their views on it too. I love hot sauce and wondered if my view was maybe influenced by my love of chillies but no, EVERYONE who tried it was blown away by it. People were coming back for more, time and time again. “Can I have some for my sandwich?”
“Can I take this down to the canteen?”
“Have you got that sauce in with you today?”. Some approached Rock A Doodle Do the same night to get their own bottle before it sold out.
I used the whole bottle in just over a week.
Not sure I can praise this enough, this is exactly what the sauce the Hot Sauce market was missing. A delicious, smokey, sweet, spicy BBQ sauce that is usable on every level.
There's a use by date on it but you'll get nowhere near it. You'll get through it in no time and go back for more.
I know I'll be back for more!

This sauce deserves a Great Taste Award for 2017. I just hope they get sight of it.

Really, don't miss out, pick up your bottle using the link on their Facebook page below and experience this sauce for yourself. Perfect. You'll not regret it.


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