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November 1st is Pooka's Day!

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November 1st is Pooka’s Day and to celebrate, we’re giving 33% off our ale infused , ghost chilli Pooka hot sauce right here

The Pooka (or Pucá), is a Malevolent Spirit (or Goblin) and a shape-shifter that can take any form it chooses but can usually be seen the form of a dog, a rabbit, goat, or a dark sleek horse with a wild flowing mane and pure gold eyes.


The Pooka appears only... at night and revels is creating mischief and havoc across every county in rural locations across Ireland, but rarely do they cause a human any harm.

When a Pooka is in horse form he tends to have fun by inviting a rider to jump on his back. This usually happens when the rider has had a little too much to drink and is making his weary way home from the pub. Thus starts the wildest trip the rider will ever know for the Pooka loves to terrify the rider with its great prowess jumping over hedges and rocks and making death-defying leaps. Afterwards, the rider is thrown off the horse's back and left trembling but none the worse from the night’s events to find his own way home.

Also, did you know that Frank, the 6’ creature from Donnie Darko was also a Pooka in Rabbit form?