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My Experience With The Carolina Reaper

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At Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Sauce, we are always trying to bring new, hot and tasty products to the market and recently we launched a dried product range. Currently, this includes our 'Seasonings in the Abyss' dry rub and 'Banshee' Carolina Reaper chicken coating. We have also started supplying dried chillies directly to our customers for use in their own sauces and dishes.

Banshee Isolated
Banshee Hot Sauce - Louisiana Style Sauce With Carolina Reaper

One of the dried chillies we are supplying happens to be the hottest in the world, the Carolina Reaper. We normally use fresh Carolina Reapers in our 'Fear the Reaper' and Banshee sauces, due to their strength and flavour, so I decided to try one of the dried variety to see if there was any difference.

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The chilli I ate is the same one pictured above and was approximately 2.5" long, and 1.5" in diameter. I popped it in my mouth, chewed and waited for the heat to build, and build it did....

Within 5 seconds, the heat was felt on the tip and edges of my tongue, then the centre and finally my throat. Over the next minute the intensity rose and my mouth was on fire. It was definitely hotter than the fresh Carolina Reaper's I tried in the past, but still bearable (I don't think I would rush to pop another one in though).

Carolina Reaper Pod
Dried Carolina Reaper Pod

Within 20 minutes the chilli was in my stomach and that's when the real potency of the Carolina Reaper raised its head. I realised that I had eaten the chilli on an empty stomach (a rookie mistake right there) and the pain started to take over. As I curled over in pain, I couldn't move or walk for fear of another spike of pain.

Eventually I was able to lie down, pulling myself into the recovery position while awaiting the cramps to subside, but every time I moved, even an inch, the pain came back with a vengeance. For over half an hour, I lay, wondering if this was the end. Wondering if I survived, would I have a functioning stomach left? Wondering why I ate the Carolina Reaper on an empty stomach, with no milk to hand?

Eventually, after an hour had passed, I started to feel relatively human again. I was able to stand, I was able to move, and I was able to eat something. I had challenged the reaper and the Reaper had won, and it was a flawless victory.

Will I do it again? Of course I will. Will I have the sense to eat something before hand and have milk or ice cream ready? I really hope so! Do I recommend anyone else trying a whole Carolina Reaper? Of course I do. It's one hell of an experience!