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Great Review of the Banshee Powder by Stephanie (Carolina Reaper)

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Well we have just finished the most innocent looking dinner that carried the most incredible heat I have felt!
Opened the packet of the now affectionately known in our house as "death becomes us" powder and had the normal sniff, straight away our nostrils had come to attention. We knew it wasn't going to be a dinner for the faint hearted

Excited to see what sort of kick was going to meet our taste buds we got on with coating the chicken. Once we started cooking it, we could smell the fires of hell in the air!

We plated up our dinner, blessed ourselves, and picked up our forks. Test one, the fork didn't melt when it met the chicken.

Bite number one, it was amazing! A mouthwatering display of flavour (and false security) the heat wasn't that bad, right? Wrong!! Once u get past chew number two or three, the reeper enters!! U start to fear your taste buds are melting from your tongue, but it's daring you to go on. U carry on going, enjoying the first meeting with each bite as the flavour meets u followed by flames. U can try as u might to put the fire out but no amount of water can beat this baby!!

Finally u finish the last mouthful.....Dinner is finished....then you feel the relief that u survived to tell the tale! You have beat the reeper! Then you realise.....That's just round one...... what goes in must come out... lol😨😨😨😨.

Ps definitely not one to be eating if suffering from any head colds.

Absolutely amazing gear, we are looking forward to giving it another try. Honestly one of the best and hottest dinners we have had, fantastic that you actually get a mouthful of flavour before the heat. Thank u for the chance to try x