Chocolate ‘Reaper’s Skull’

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Reaper’s Skull Chocolate

Rock A Doodle Do’s Reaper’s Skull moves from an extra hot sauce, to an extra hot treat!

I picked up these pretty, innocent looking boxes from a local chocolatier last night and was surprised by the cute boxes they had sitting ready and waiting for me. What was inside though, was in stark contrast to the purple and pink bows that were tying the boxes together…

Carolina Reaper Chocolate

Chocolate versions of our ‘Reaper’s Skull’ packed with Carolina Reaper chillies!

Reaper's Skull chocolate - Carolina Reaper Chocolate


Packing a ‘healthy’ amount of Carolina Reaper chillies, these chocolates are for the bravest of chillihead out there!

Available in milk and Dark chocolate, these Carolina Reaper infused chillies sit perfectly alongside with our Skull Sauces



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