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26th April 2017
Introducing Our Newest Sauce - Fear the Reaper Extreme!

Carolina Reaper EXTRA Hot Sauce Over the past year, one of our biggest selling products […]

22nd March 2017
My Experience With The Carolina Reaper

At Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Sauce, we are always trying to bring […]

1st March 2017
Nandos Turns Up The Heat

It's not often that we promote other sauces, but we do love a good Nandos […]

28th February 2017
Great Review of the Banshee Powder by Stephanie (Carolina Reaper)

Well we have just finished the most innocent looking dinner that carried the most incredible […]

11th February 2017
Free Give Away - Spice Loving Guinea Pigs Wanted

As you may know, we'll be moving in a new direction next week. Along with […]

18th January 2017
Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Sauce Charity Day

Carolina Reaper Wing Challenge For The Prince's Trust At Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot […]

10th January 2017
Handling the Heat

Why Can Some People Handle The Heat? There's been a craze going about recently, and […]

9th January 2017
Pooka Ghost Sauce

The Pooka (Or Púca), in Celtic mythology was a creature that was thought to either […]

9th January 2017
Rock A Doodle Do - Limited Edition Amber Skull Hot Sauce

At Rock A Doodle Do, we do love to experiment with ingredients! At times it feels […]

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