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20th January 2021

So we are back to home schooling and lockdown reigns again. So in the spirit […]

8th January 2021
Let it Snow

It’s kind of fitting with the season that is upon us that we think of […]

7th December 2020
The Symphony

A Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce from Snow Patrol ‘The Symphony’ Apart from being the new […]

7th December 2020
The Emotion of a Bottle Kill

There’s nothing sadder than a bottle kill - or is there. Ok so finishing off […]

2nd December 2020
Review: Snow Patrol 'Chocolate' Hot Sauce

This could be the very minute, I’m aware I’m alive... the opening lines to Snow […]

1st June 2020
Trinidad Scorpion BBQ Ribs

So today, we made some deliciously spicy BBQ Ribs, using a slow cooker, and our […]

11th May 2020
Spicky Chicken Coating Recipe

14 spices – Mix with 2 cups white fl. 2/3 tablespoon Salt 1/2 tablespoon Thyme […]

8th January 2020
We've created a White Hot Sauce!

White Hot Sauce Yes, you heard that right, we have created a white hot sauce, […]

21st August 2019
Our Favourite Chillies

Some of the chillies we use within our range of sauces, including the Orange Habanero, […]