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17th April 2019
Empty Skull Bottles


1st April 2019
Craig Wilson Wins March's Sauce Bundle

Craig Wilson is the winner of the Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Sauce's […]

28th March 2019
Rock A Doodle Do Teams Up With Snow Patrol and Music for All

Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Sauce has teamed up with Northern Irish rock […]

28th December 2018
Meet the Suppliers - North Coast Smokehouse

Along with using fresh ingredients, and some of the hottest chilli peppers in the world, […]

1st November 2018
November 1st is Pooka's Day!

November 1st is Pooka’s Day and to celebrate, we’re giving 33% off our ale infused […]

20th July 2018
The 13th Skull is Now Available

Limited Edition For a limited time, and for a limited run, we have what has […]

27th May 2018
Chocolate 'Reaper's Skull'

Rock A Doodle Do's Reaper's Skull moves from an extra hot sauce, to an extra […]

11th May 2018
Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Salad Banshee Hot Sauce With Carolina Reaper Chillies To make, simply follow […]

22nd March 2018
Guide On How To Make Juicy, Succulent, and Healthier Chicken Wings

Rock A Doodle Do - Belfast Hot Wings Chicken Wings are delicious, there's no doubt […]