Belfast Banshee ‘Buffalo’ Chicken Thighs

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Banshee Buffalo Sauce

The ‘Belfast Banshee’ is one of our best selling hot sauces and with good reason. We had originally taken fresh ingredients and combined them with the Cayenne chilli to create a tasty, Louisiana style hot sauce with real flavour but decided that it was nowhere near hot enough to satisfy the chillihead’s desire to have an extra hot wing sauce that balances that smokey Louisiana style wing sauce flavour, with the kick that only a super hot chilli can provide.


Belfast Hot Sauce - Carolina Reaper Chicken (1)

We now have a variety of sauces for any wing fan, including this one, a simple 50/50 Banshee Hot Sauce & melted butter split. (We also have a 65% Reaper based Wing Challenge sauce!)


Belfast Hot Sauce - Carolina Reaper Chicken (3)

Mess ‘er up!

Belfast Banshee ‘Buffalo’ Thighs fully dressed, including cheese, black pepper ranch, spring onion, chives, and additional chillies!


Belfast Hot Sauce - Carolina Reaper Chicken (2)

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